2015 Keynote Speakers

Libby Bernick | Senior Vice President of North America, TruCost  

Libby Bernick

Judy Glazer, PhD | Vice President, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Hewlett-Packard  

Judy Glazer

Previously, Glazer directed pan-HP product and supply chain sustainability programs including RoHS and other materials and substance management programs and HP's internationally recognized program to implement the company's code of conduct for labor, ethics, health and safety, and environmental standards in its supply chain. Judy joined HP in 1989. She holds BS degrees in Materials Science and Electrical Engineering and MS and PhD degrees in Materials Science and Engineering, all from the University of California, Berkeley. Her past roles encompassed electronics assembly manufacturing technology and reliability and a variety of leadership positions in engineering and supply chain.

Chandrakant Patel, PhD | HP Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Labs   

Chandrakant Patel

Freimut Schröder, PhD | Vice President and Head of the Corporate Department Environment, Health & Safety at Siemens Healthcare GmbH   

Freimut Schroder

John Shegerian | Chairman and CEO, Electronic Recyclers International, RecycleNation.com & UrbanMining.org   

John Shegerian

Shegerian's talks on sustainability, innovation and the benefits of running a green business have moved and inspired prestige audiences in China, India, Mexico and throughout Europe, as well as at the World Bank, United Nations and the White House. He is also a globally recognized authority on cybersecurity and the protection of sensitive data, often providing his expert knowledge to news media, including Time, Newsweek and Wired, among others.
Established by Shegerian in 2002, ERI collects and recycles electronic waste, specializing in the sustainable dismantling of consumer electronic items. Under Shegerian's stewardship, ERI has fast become the largest and most efficient recycler of electronic waste in the word. ERI is licensed to de-manufacture and recycle televisions, computers, and virtually all other types of electronics equipment.
ERI developed and houses the largest e-waste shredder in the world, and was the first electronic recycler to be dual certified (R2 and BAN e-Steward certifications) as a responsible recycler of electronics. ERI now processes more than 275 million pounds of electronic waste annually at eight locations serving every zip code in the United States.
Shegerian is also host and founder of "Green is Good," heard nationwide via "America's Talk" on iHeartRadio. Green is Good is the nation's #1 rated environmentally themed radio program, in which Shegerian interviews celebrities, company leaders and green nonprofits regarding environmental issues and opportunities. Guests have included spokespeople from Procter & Gamble, PG&E, UPS, Alcoa, Nestle, Glad Products, AT&T, Dell, Lipton Tea, the US EPA, Ohio State University, the National Wildlife Federation, Ben & Jerry's, HP/Panasonic, the NRDC, Honeywell, National Geographic, Nascar, General Motors, Best Buy, Maxwell Technologies, Wal-Mart, Verizon and FedEx, among many others.
Prior to his work at ERI, Shegerian co-founded FinancialAid.com, one of the most successful student loan companies in the country. While at FinancialAid.com, he also created RateYourCampus.com (a college student polling and feedback community), leading to the creation of CampusDirt.com (which evolved into the most relevant and visited college search engine). Also, CampusClix.com was created and became one of the first college social networking properties on the web.
In October 2004, Shegerian and his partners sold FinancialAid.com and all the aforementioned affiliated properties to Education Lending Group, which was purchased in February 2005 by CIT (NYSE: CIT).
In 2004, Shegerian created, and still serves as Founder and CEO of Addicted.com, a comprehensive, interactive website dedicated to helping those struggling with the disease of addiction, that has become the leading online space for the recovering community.
Shegerian is driven by his commitment to innovate and develop companies that benefit and inspire others and are socially responsible. He has a 25-year track record of quickly converting start-ups into large, highly successful business enterprises.
Over the years, Shegerian has also assisted many of the State's top legislators with guidance pertaining to policies geared toward the reduction of gang and youth violence.
No stranger to "recycling lives" and serving up second chances, in 1993 Shegerian co-founded Homeboy Tortillas and Homeboy Industries, which continues to serve as a paradigm for urban renewal in America and was awarded the New York Stock Exchange "Building for the Future" Award for creating new jobs and opportunities for gang-impacted youth in post-riot Los Angeles.
Shegerian is also the recipient of the prestigious "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award," presented by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Committee to businessmen working to provide compassionate solutions for society's problems.

Bill Weihl, PhD | Director of Sustainability, Facebook   

Bill Weihl

Andrew Winston | Author, Green to Gold   

Andrew Winston


Jonas Allen | Director of Marketing, Green Electronics Council  

Jonas Allen

Carol Baroudi | Global Sustainability and Compliance, Arrow Electronics  

Carol Baroudi

David Batker | Co-founder and Executive Director, Earth Economics

David Batker

Darren Beck | Director of Environmental Initiatives & CR Innovation, Sprint  

Darren Beck

Paulo Bergamo dos Santos | Tax Auditor, Municipality of the City of Sao Paulo  

Paulo Bergamo do Santos

Mike Biddle, PhD | Founder, MBA Polymers; Green Electronics Council Board of Directors  

Mike Biddle

Aaron Blum | Co-Founder, Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.  

Aaron Blum

Geoffrey Bock | Director Environmental Services, Business Field Manager, TUV Rheinland of North America  

Geoffrey Bock

Carlos Busquets | Director of Public Policy, EICC  

Carlos Busquets

Alex Cano | Graduate Research Assistant, Arizona State University  

Alex Cano

Jakob Carnemark | Founder & CEO, Aligned Energy

Jakob Carnemark

In 2013, Engineering News Record (ENR) recognized Carnemark as a Top Industry Innovator for his contributions to the identification of solutions that would transform the data center industry. Carnemark has a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Virginia. He also attended Stanford University where he participated in its CTO Institutes's Executive Education program.

Marshall Chase | Associate Director, BSR  

Marshall Chase

Alexandra Degher, PhD | Worldwide LCA and Conflict Minerals Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard  

Alexandra Degher

Lisa Dender | Senior Hardware Design Engineer - Product Regulatory Compliance, Appliance Enablement, IBM Analytics Group  

Lisa Dender

Tord Dennis | Product and Supply Chain Practice Leader, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff  

Tord Dennis

Jon Dettling | Managing Director, Quantis International  

Jon Dettling

Holly Elwood | Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, US EPA  

Holly Elwood

Lindsay Fernandez-Salvador | EPEAT Conformity Assurance Manager, Green Electronics Council  

Lindsay Fernandez-Salvador

Colin Fitzpatrick | Lecturer, Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, University of Limerick  

Colin Fitzpatrick

Stacey Foreman | Sustainable Procurement Program Manager, City of Portland  

Stacey Foreman

Erin Gately | Director of Alliance Development, Green Electronics Council  

Erin Gately

Mike Geyer | Director, Manufacturing 360 Evangelism, Autodesk  

Mike Geyer

George Goodman | Executive Director, Open Data Center Alliance  

George Goodman

Grant Gordon | Chief Operating Officer, DeepWater Desal  

Grant Gordon

Elizabeth Grossman | Author, High-Tech Trash

Steve Gutmann | VP of Business Development, Stuffstr

Steve Gutmann

Susan Herbert | Manager, Green Electronics Council  

Susan Herbert

Constantin Herrmann, PhD | Principal Sustainability Consultant and Team Lead Metals, Maufacturing and Electronics, thinkstep  

Constantin Hermann

Rob Holdway, PhD | Co-founder and Director, Giraffe Innovation Ltd.  

Rob Holdway

Jaco Huisman, PhD | Scientific Advisor, United Nations University

Jaco Huisman

Noelle Humenick | Senior Manager, Community Engagement, IEEE Standards Association  

Noelle Humenick

Walter Jager | Principal, ECD Compliance

Walter Jager

Tapani Jokinen | VP of Design, Circular Devices  

Tapani Jokinen

Alex Jones, PhD | Professor, University of Pittsburgh  

Alex Jones

Dr. Jones is also an active leader in the community. He has served on numerous program committees such as DAC and PACT and he has been an AE for several journals in these areas including ACM TODAES. He is currently the Program Chair for the GLSVLSI Symposium. Recently, Dr. Jones led an effort in visioning for the electronic design automation community funded by the Computing Community Consortium (CCC). Dr. Jones is also actively involved in efforts to improve the scientific method for experiments in computers science and engineering, to develop methods reproducible research, and a centralized hub for computer architecture simulators, emulators, benchmarks and experiments.

Darrell Kendall | RIOS Program Lead, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.  

Darrell Kendall

Kelley Keogh | Managing Director & Co-Founder, Greeneye Partners

Kelley Keogh

Alex King, PhD | CMI Director, Department of Energy  

Alex King

Michael Kirschner | President, Design Chain Associates

Michael Kirschner

Amy Knight | Director of CSR, Hasbro Inc.; Green Electronics Council Board Member  

Amy Knight

Bernd Kopacek, PhD | Austrian Society for Automation

Bernd Kopacek

Joan Krajewski | Board Member, GESI and MSC Safety, Compliance & Sustainablity, Microsoft  

Joan Krajewski

Joan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance (High Honors) from the University of Florida and Juris Doctorate from University of California, Hastings. In her spare time, she enjoys kayaking, hiking, gardening and traveling.

Barbara Kyle | National Coordinator, Electronics TakeBack Coalition  

Barbara Kyle

Henry Leineweber | Program Director, Sustainable Electronics Recycling International  

Mark Schaffer

Josh Lepawsky | Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Memorial University  

Josh Lepawsky

Jason Linnell | Co-founder & Executive Director, National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER)  

Jason Linnell

Mingfei Luo | Deputy Section Chief, China Quality Certification Center

Mingfei Luo

Jennifer Mangold, PhD | Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley

Jennifer Mangold

Carole Mars, PhD | Senior Research Lead, The Sustainability Consortium  

Carole Mars

Max Marwede, PhD | PostDoc, Technische Universität Berlin

Max Marwede

Mitsutaka Matsumoto, PhD | Senior Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan  

Mitsutaka Matsumoto

Peter May-Ostendorp, PhD | Principal, Xergy Consulting

Peter May-Ostendorp

Don Mayer | Global Sales & Business Development Manager, UL Environment  

Don Mayer

Paul McGovern | VP of Business Development, Compliance & Risks

Paul McGovern

Bill Morris | Co-Founder & CEO, Blue Star Recyclers  

Bill Morris

Christopher Nafe, PhD | Graduate Research Assistant, The Sustainability Consortium   

Christopher Nafe

Laura Nereng | Sustainability Manager, 3M Electronics & Energy Business Group  

Laura Nereng

Nils Nissen, PhD | Head of Department, Environmental and Reliability Engineering, Fraunhofer IZM  

Nils Nissen

Scott O'Connell | Director, Environmental Affairs, Dell  

Scott O'Connell

Megan O'Connor | Graduate Student, Duke University  

Megan O'Connor

Jeff Omelchuck | Executive Director of Registry Services, Green Electronics Council  

Jeff Omelchuck

Melissa Owen | Attorney, Ambientelegal  

Melissa Owen

Nicole Peill-Moelter, PhD | Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability, Akamai Technologies, Inc.  

Nicola Peill-Moelter

Bob Pfahl, PhD | Senior Consultant, International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative, Inc

Bob Pfahl

He is a founding member of the International Society of Industrial Ecology and is a member of their journal's editorial board. In recognition of his efforts to eliminate the use of CFCs in the electronics industry, Dr. Pfahl received the United States EPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award. He also received the Electronic Goes Green Award 2008+ from the German Fraunhofer Society. Dr. Pfahl served the National Research Council (USA) as a member of three boards on materials and manufacturing. He has served on industrial advisory boards at MIT, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Washington University, and Purdue University. He holds nine U.S. patents and has over one hundred publications, seminars, and invited presentations to his credit.

Jim Puckett | Executive Director, Basel Action Network

Jim Puckett

Verena Radulovic | Product Manager, ENERGY STAR Program, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  

Verena Radulovic

Jennifer Reece | Materials Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard  

Jennifer Reece

Lisa Reider | Senior Product Editor, Scanners & Environmental, Buyers Laboratory LLC  

Lisa Reider

Michael Richardson | Senior Sustainability Project Manager, SGS North America Inc.  

Michael Richardson

Wayne Rifer | Director of Research and Solutions, Green Electronics Council  

Wayne Rifer

Mark Rossolo | Director, UL Environment; Board of Directors, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC)  

Mark Rossolo

Keagan Rubel | Asia-Pacific Director, epi Consulting  

Keagan Rubel

Islam Salama, PhD | Director, Pathfinding, Substrate and Packaging Technology Development, Intel  

Islam Salama

Alejandro Santacreu | CEO, Circular Devices  

Alejandro Santacreu

Mark Schaffer | Project Manager, iNEMI   

Mark Schaffer

Janet Schatzman | Principal Designer, Janet Schatzman & Associates

Janet Schatzman

With the mentoring of leading edge thinkers Dr. Laurence Lyons and Marshall Goldsmith, Janet has been nurturing Janet Schatzman & Associates since 2006, focusing on service design, strategic visualization, and experiential solutions. She has illustrated three books, art directed and illustrated hundreds of service design projects and on-line experiences including the conversion of intellectual capital and content to app's.

Paul Scheihing | Technology Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Office Technical Assistance Team, U.S. Department of Energy  

Paul Scheihing

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut, and a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was honored by the American Council for Energy Efficient Economy as Champion in Energy Efficiency in Industry in July, 2013.

Karsten Schischke | Group Manager Environmental Evaluation and Optimization, Fraunhofer IZM  

Karsten Schischke

Rachel Simon | Research Scientist, Lab for Manufacturing and Sustainability, UC Berkeley

Rachel Simon

Julie Sinistore, PhD | Senior Consultant, thinkstep   

Julie Sinistore

Julie current manages projects with several electronics clients, such as HP, and both conducts LCA on electronic equipment and provides strategic environmental guidance on reducing the impacts from the full life cycle of electronics equipment and data centers. Dr. Sinistore also works with agricultural, food, biofuels and bio-based chemicals clients on projects ranging from ISO-Conformant comparative LCAs of products to screening-level hot-spot analyses.

Roman Smith | Director, Sustainability Operations, Corporate Sustainability & Philanthropy, AT&T  

Roman Smith

Ted Smith | Coordinator at International Campaign for Responsible Technology, Electronics TakeBack Coalition   

Ted Smith

Ian Spaulding | President and CEO, Elevate Global Limited

Ian Spaulding

Ofira Varga | Senior Consultant, 1WEEE Services Corp   

Ofira Varga

Scott Venhaus | GM, Value Recovery APAC; Director Global Quality and Compliance, Arrow Electronics  

Scott Venhaus

Mr. Venhaus then transitioned to a global commodities and operations leader role in Danbury, CT where he was responsible for developing, implementing and managing operational solutions for GE Capital divisions around the world. In 2006 he assumed the responsibilities of the Director of Manufacturing for Inovar, an electronics contract manufacturer servicing telecom, aerospace and defense, medical device, B2C and B2B customers. Focusing the operations team on servicing the customer, increasing manufacturing utilization and quality improvement, Inovar was recognized as one of Utah's 100 Fastest Growing Companies for three consecutive years. Mr. Venhaus joined Arrow Electronics, Inc. in 2009 and has held numerous global leadership positions prior to his current position. In addition to his current role, Mr. Venhaus has served as a voting member of the Technical Advisory Council for R2, Steering Committee member for Electronics Recycling Asia and serves on the Board of Directors for RIOS.

Jiangtao Wang | Senior Engineer, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.  

Wang Jiangtao

Miansheng Wang | Executive Director of Greater China, Green Electronics Council  

Miansheng Wang

Herb Zien | CEO, LiquidCool Solutions

Herb Zien